Sartech has always been about EPIRBs and related safety equipment. Established in 1989, we pioneered handheld beacon testers and have equipped radio surveyors, beacon manufacturers and service stations around the world.

Since 2005, we have been operating from Redhill in Surrey, not far from London’s Gatwick Airport.

Since 1993, we have been carrying out beacon servicing in the UK, and were involved in the development of testing standards adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). We are approved as service agents and resellers by all major beacon manufacturers.

Sartech was started by a cruising yachtsman, so it was natural that we would pioneer use of EPIRBs in the leisure boating community, introducing the revolutionary GME range of products from 2005. We now offer a range of models from all major manufacturers direct from our online shop.

As independent experts in our field, we are able to offer the best advice on choosing the correct beacon for your application, taking into account national and international regulations on mandatory carriage and programming.

Primary lithium batteries are the power source of choice for emergency beacons, but these require very careful design and manufacture to ensure that they do not pose a safety issue themselves during storage or transportation. Sartech has been designing and manufacturing lithium battery packs for OEMs and service stations world-wide since 1995.

Increasingly stringent safety standards have been adopted for the transport of lithium batteries and equipment containing them. All such battery types must undergo testing to UN standards before they can be certified for transport by road, rail or air. Sartech has in-house facilities to carry out these tests, and can offer a certification service with quick turn-round and competitive rates.

Sartech operates under a Quality Assurance system approved to ISO 9001:2015