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  • Email server problem

    Monday 4th February 2019

    Our email server is down! Please call if you have an urgent enquiry...

  • Sartech takes on ARG Calibrations

    Tuesday 31st October 2017

    ARG Electrodesign Ltd has now ceased trading, but don'lt worry! If you need to have your ARG5410 Beacon Tester calibrated you can still send it to Sartech. We are now employing the same test engineers who used to work for ARG to carry out calibrations to the same standards. We can ...

  • Sartech lithium batteries

    Lithium Batteries

    We make batteries and do IATA/UN Testing 

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  • MOB1

    Which beacon?

    Read our jargon-busting guide

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  • Check Your Epirb

    Identify your EPIRB, find out how to test it and check the battery

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  • Epirbs

    Emergency position indicating radio beacons

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