Always on the lookout for the next big thing in safety equipment, Sartech saw this new product at a recent trade show and thought we’d post a story about it. Called Life Cell, it’s the brainchild of two Australians who were left clinging to their cool box after a father-and-son fishing trip off Sydney suddenly turned into a life-or-death situation.
Life Cell is a robust ‘grab-n-go’ flotation device that has built-in storage for all your emergency equipment, so you can have everything you need in one place ready to go at a moment’s notice.
It can store flares, a handheld VHF radio, signalling mirror, emergency beacon, satellite phone, whistle, air horn, smoke signals, sea dye, torch... whatever you want to put in there. Even in the event of an immediate sinking, Life Cell will float free from its bracket, enabling swimmers to use it as a buoyancy aid and retrieve the contents.
Although it’s been developed with the inshore waters of Australia in mind, we thought it could be equally at home on commercial and leisure craft in the UK or onboard charter boats throughout the Med and Caribbean.
Australia has always been an innovator in modern safety-at-sea equipment. Thousands of miles of un-monitored coastline mixed with growing commercial and leisure boating sectors have paved the way for compulsory on-board safety equipment and the development of inexpensive emergency distress beacons like EPIRBs and PLBs.
The inventors’ experience showed just how quickly circumstances can change and a group of people can suddenly be in a life or death situation that they could not have imagined or planned for.
They now understand just how easily life saving equipment can be overlooked or lost in the frantic moments of a vessel sinking or being overturned. As safety equipment is the key to being located and rescued quickly, items such as flares and EPIRBs are critical.
Safety equipment is often stored under seats, in lockers or under bunks making it difficult to locate everything in a time of emergency. Life Cell combines all of your essential safety equipment in a flotation device which significantly reduces the chance of these safety items being lost or unable to be found in time to abandon the vessel.
In addition to saving lives, Life Cell’s mission is also to reduce the cost of lengthy maritime rescue operations, make routine Maritime inspections more efficient and get maritime safety back on the public agenda.
As well as all your emergency gear, there is also room for your wallet, keys, phone, sun block and a hand held VHF radio. Even water can be stored in the Life Cell. All kept safe and dry inside the Life Cell’s compartment and ready for any emergency.
FEATURES: Light weight flotation device – High visibility – Fire, impact, and UV resistant – Easy grip handles4 Sizes available – Easily detaches from bracket – Floats off bracket if submerged – No expensive servicing required – Two year warranty
BENEFITS: Keeps safety equipment together – Easy to access in time of emergency – Simple to use, even for the novice boater – Keeps people together in the water